"Un sentiment étrange"
("A strange feeling")
album ©13
14 tracks

4 videos :
"Je crains", "Woaw", "Le bug du 26 aoout", "Min's time"


PRESS / CHARTS (translation at work)


"Pousser la voiture"
("To push the car")

album ©07
16 tracks

Dist :
http://www.cd1d.com (F)

5 videos :
("Pousser la voiture", "Lelvis", "Exotical", "Tramm", "Profondo Verde")





DVD ©04
Label : A.N.D Music (F)
(Dist : see "store" page)
"Double Nelson und Mogalito H. Ramm :
la somme des faits ne peut depasser la quantite
du tout"
(: the sum of the facts can't outweigh the quantity of the whole")

2 "more than laid back" sci-fi + fantasy short films
+ trailer of the forthcoming medium-length film
(Double Nelson acting and soundtrack)
+ a live footage (Feb.04)
+ 15 videos including a well hidden one
(Made by Double Nelson and friends)
... a classy new look, 150 relaxed minutes

Videos to see (1989-2004) :


"The so sorry spaceman, the so sick spaceman and the noisy shadow
VS. Double Nelson"

album ©03 - 20 tracks
Label : A.N.D Music (F)
Dist : Tripsichord (F), Sonic Rendez-Vous (NL/B)
Rec Rec (CH)

4 videos : "Begon", "U-Boot", "Bad Game", "Hungry red planet"


album ©99 - 15 tracks

Label : Pandemonium Rdz (F)
Dist : Tripsichord (F) Cargo (D)
Sonic Rendez-Vous (NL)
Bang (B) Stick Figure (USA) Shellshock (UK) Wide (I)
Karbon (CH)
Press / Charts / Interviews

to read ? > "Choueches"

2 videos : "Le Beau", Jour J"


"Le grand cornet"
("The big stomach")

album ©97 - 13 tracks

Label : Roomtone Rec. (New-York) Dist : Cargo + Choke (USA)
Fab (Canada)
Press / Charts

4 videos : "You know what" "Babyl One", Edward J. Sutton Davis", "The 3rd Fish"

+"Le grand cornet"
album ©97 - 18 tracks
abel : Musidisc (F )
Dist : Musidisc (F ), Sonic Rendez-Vous (NL/B)


 "Double Nelson"
7" vinyl ©96 - 4 tracks

Label : Roomtone Rec. (USA)
Dist : Cargo (USA)

+ "Double Nelson"
e.p. cd 96 (4 tracks)
Label + dist : Musidisc (F)

Video : "Bivouak"



"Des nouvelles du fond"
("News from the deep")
album ©94 - 15 tracks

Label : Cobalt (F) Dist : Melodie (F)





"Mange Mange Mange" ("Eat Eat Eat")
album ©92 - 15 tracks

Label : Cobalt (F) -
Dist : Melodie (F)

3 videos : "Extrait du matin", "DN", "Snake"



"Ceux qui l'ont fait"
("Those who have done it")
album ©89

11 tracks
Label : Cobalt (F)
Dist : Melodie (F),
Sonic Rendez-Vous (NL/B)

2 videos : "Nani",
"Madame Rollin"



©08"Les Abattoirs" Les Abattoirs/Bourgoin-Jallieu (F)
©07"Riddim Festival" Jarring Effects/Lyon (F)
©07"Rockomotives Festival" Figures Libres/Vendome (F)
©05"Confort Moderne 1985-2005" Dvd Confort Moderne/Poitiers (F)
©03"Abus 70" Abus Dangereux/Bordeaux (F)
©02"Test your limits" Guide of festivals/Biel (CH)
©01"Supersonico" Supersonico records/Faenza (I)
©01"10 ans de La Zone" La Zone/Luik (B)
©01"Mind the gap #38" Gonzo Circus magazine/Antwerpen (B)
©99"Mind the gap #26" Gonzo Circus magazine/Antwerpen (B)
©98"Headquarter Entertainment" Headquarter/Berlin (D)
©98"5 Years of Pandemonium" Pandemonium/Marseille (F)
©97"Mind the gap #12" Gonzo Circus magazine/Antwerpen (B)
©97"Up to D.A.T" Live/Mad's Collectif/St-Etienne (F)
©97"Francofolies Off" La Rochelle (F)
©95"State of Independents" Manifesto records/Hechtel (B)
©86"Compilation" Dum-Dum records/Nancy (F)