Pppzine (webzine) Nov. 07
At home, I've got a schlorg. It is quite old, it is green, but he still is my faithful friend after all those years. When it is hungry, we carry out the ritual : I take a big bowl full of fresh blood, I add a few milk teeth from a mexican baby and some petals of rose ; I turn the TV on and I freeze on a frame showing Michel Drucker. Then I put the schlorg on my shoulders and I put Double Nelson's latest album at a very loud volume. What follows next always happens the same way : the schlorg goes into a trance, its rough tongue entwines around my cerbellum, and, with its sharp fangs, its penetrates my brain. My head starts crackling with laughter while my limbs fidget about. The schlorg's eyes roll upwards and we both start singing our heads off.
He who has never lived through such a moment cannot enjoy Double Nelson's albums. So, as their records are hard to find, although they've been aplenty for 20 years, go rush and enjoy, the survival of your schlorg depends on it.

Positive Rage (webzine) Feb. 08
Twenty years in action, seven albums at the slate, the eccentric Double Nelson proceed with their nightly ride, even if they have to « push the car ». Double Nelson are way beyond. At this level, keeping on doing such a deranged and personal music is either vice or sheer passion. I personnally tend to chose the second option, and this, to our greatest delight. The DN go forward at their own pace, in their landscape, far from the glitter or fashionable haircuts. They do it themselves at home, grind up the sound, stretch out the rhythms, knit their stories. With them, Alan Vega's Suicide becomes happy, open to the world, even laidback. The industrial influences have never produced so many smiles on the listeners'faces.
Yet, the method of the duo from Nancy is simple, almost obvious : they don't imitate, they create. Their references may be dark and tortured (Suicide, David Lynch, Residents, Snakefinger), they are cheerful and got rid of hang-ups. They create a universe inhabited by strange creatures, Elvis reborn, men in underwears, housewives and lots of pals who stopped by to have a drink. As usual, the Double Nelson invite us to a peaceful trance, well off any known trend, to a kind of unaffected friendliness and sixteen tracks later we're bound to wait impatiently for the next drink in their living room, even if we have to push the car. Advised UFO.
Mathieu Gelezeau

Cocazine (Montpellier) Nov/Dec 07
A twenty-year carrier, seven albums, the duo from Nancy hasn't been idling since its creation, dynamiting rock music through totally nuts experiments, a sound universe for mutants of the third generation, a swampy music that grabs your guts and scorches you from the inside. As if Tom Waits had decided to put the volume on full blast and jam with the Melvins for a boisterous voodoo dance.
Roland Torres
491 (Lyon) Dec 07
If, like me, you lamentably missed the duo from Nancy when they played at the Riddim Collision festival at l'Epicerie Moderne, don't feel too piqued since they've had the delicacy to leave behind them their latest album entitled « Pousser la voiture ». A seventh in 21 years of service (stations), without changing their line of conduct : get under way, take drastic action, spoil the setting in a sound universe close to science-fiction.
Double Nelson feeds on an enormous groovy and post-indutrial bass sound coupled with dry and clockworklike drums enlivened with various metallic percussions ; add to this matrix an endless supply of homemade sound effects, half mutant voices coming from a nuclear plant, or weird sounds of an uncontrolled origin and so on And here you are wayfaring into strangeland where the noise is taken between the crossfire of an interstellar war, with a slight late 70s psycheldelic touch.
Too bad for the easy-listening or its popish sisters, the futuristic tribal dance produced by Double Nelson brings us nearer to the end of the world but with a smile !
As for the invitation of the duo : « Let's get drunk and go naked » you can't but take it literally. Unite your strength to David Vincent's to « push (Double Nelson's) car »  ; you will then have to run away from a world that is already ruled by pains in the neck.
Laurent Zine
Longueur d'Ondes (Bordeaux) Feb/March 08
Difficulty doesn't always rhyme with poverty. Thus « Pousser la voiture » drives us towards real disorientation. This seventh DN album beats like a good DIY sound scheme remixed by Gyro Gearloose. Without the help of a record label, the duo elaborates nutty records that keep on being unclassifiable. The kind of UFO that gives white hair to the Phd reviewer of math-rock magazines ! Double Nelson engulfs the Residents, Can, Funkadelic, Devo-you complete the list as it can be filled endlessly-and themselves. The duo has stirred up an expertise in electroïd wandering. Unlikely trash shambles that could illustrate loony comics or animation films ; contagion gives good pitch.
This hypnotic and funky psychedelic sound will drive you round the scenery, all aboard !
Vincent Michaud


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