"PUNK RAWK" (France - Jan./Feb. 2005)
Double Nelson and Mogalito H. Ramm : « The sum of the facts can't outweigh the quantity of the whole » DVD (And Music)
On the fringes of the trend, the duo from Nancy has won renown by playing a very personal music that is either hair-raising (noïse) or monolithic (noïse again), violent (punk) or hypnotic (industrial) but always lively. Moreover, and without resorting to the use of drugs, the live version mutates into 3-D thanks to a cheap but wonderfully efficient production! This DVD demonstrates the link between sound and image created by the group through 14 videos and live footage (watch out, it assault the senses!) shot according to a precise dogma: « a CCTV type camera in a corner plus a mike in the venue, » on top of which you can watch two hilarious short films by Mogalito H. Ramm (Double Nelson themselves composed the soundtracks and acted in them). Uplifting! (P.R.)


"EST REPUBLICAIN" (France - Dec. 04)
"Double Nelson: the good take"
Double Nelson, the most symbolic rock band of the last two decades, releases a delirious DVD, stuffed with energy and strokes of inspiration. Mind your backs!

They dreamt about it and, with accomplice Mogalito H. Ramm, Pasc and Gaze (the core-couple of Double Nelson) have just concocted a DVD full of punch and excitement featuring videos from 1989 onward, short films (in which they act) plus live footage. We've grabbed it all, retrieved from all the master recordings, it's been rather complicated work, Gaze admits.

Once you've opened the sleeve, taken from the pictorial universe of the local painter Manu Poydenot, you find 14 videos (plus a hidden one) directed by Mogalito H. Ramm, Dylan Pelot, Vincent Hachet, Kazi (former bass player of the band) and Karim, Eric Martina, Double Nelson themselves, and the sorely missed Dan of Haenzel et Gretzel. Each video is a compact imaginative jewel that adheres to the music, taking various graphic forms: drawings, animated objects and animals, 3-D pictures, tour photos, doctored pictures (pixelated, solarized and so on)

The result is full of beans, as are the compositions of the band: someone told us it was relaxed-hypnotico-indus-tribal, which sounds a bit intricate but suits us well.

This madcap side does not help us calibrate their style that is itself the fruit of a somewhat loose creativity. With the permanent sound invention of Pasc, a genuine sonic sculptor, corresponds an often comical stream of visual lucky finds; to an extent that one can watch the DVD in the loop position and each time discover new details where the songs crisscross like shortcuts.

"Trash" shooting
This DVD also includes two one-reelers that are real pastiches of « cult series » plus the trailer of a forthcoming medium-length film that is currently in post-production.

The first film is a parody of « Star Trek, » in other words, a far more exhilarating tale within a tale than the original wooden soap. This modest work of art is entitled « Frutti Chester, » named after a cocktail dubbed that way by a crew member who is in love with commander Chester (Pasc). It also features Gaze as Queen Morla.

The second, simply titled « Get Ready For Hell, » features Pasc (Mogalito's favourite actor, no doubt !) replaying the same kitsch scene all over again in different styles : detective, sci-fi, western, and so on A very British style of humour, thorougly smart, subtle and droll.

The latter, which one could classify as mystic science-fiction, is called « Zazen, » and is still in its early stages. The trailer employs weird and glaucous post-modern aesthetics that are not far removed from the universe designed by Moebius and Jorodowski, Enki Bilal and Jeunet/Caro. Familiar figures inhabit these humorous pieces: Pasc as the hero, Philippe Poirot, master of lights, Françoise Klein, costume designer, and other people recruited at « Le Royal, » a fine café where Double Nelson has its headquarters.

Last, but not least, the real icing on the DVD, you'll watch concert footage, recorded in hallucinatory conditions (through the eye of a CCTV camera, raw pictures and sound!!!) at the Kultur Fabrik in Esch/Alzette (Luxembourg). It's kind of crude but it rocks! It is a true sample of the tremendous energy that drives each live appearance of Double Nelson; an inspired band that spreads good yet peculiar vibes, that never withholds its strength and remains fully committed. Pasc, stripped to the waist, jumps from the drums to the bass, guitar and mike while Gaze, sleeves rolled up, hammers on her bass like a female lumberjack.


"VICKING" (France - Oct 04) : Festikwane Festival October 2nd
Let's continue with Double Nelson for industrial rock and more. Two on stage, a girl singer and bassist, a guy alternating between bass, guitar, drums and backing vocals, with a mike on his head giving him the appearance of a potholer.
A stage decoration of aluminium paper glittering under the spotlights, an unconventional musical style made of samples, electro splinters, multiple sounds and unstructured bass lines, effects and distortion resulting in a kind of "electro-industrial noise-rock," also dubbed "post-psychedelic-electro-noise industrial" which at times  mutates into "punk or hypnotic tribal."
Among the public there are two schools: those who are completely into it and those who appreciate it less (more's the pity for them!).


"OUEST FRANCE" (France - Nov 05): Festival Bebop Festival November 18th
Double Nelson rouses the spirits! Their show disconcerted the audience of the festival yesterday at l'Oasis. It took the public some time to get into the rather loony universe of Pasc and Gaze; yet, once immersed in this off-the-wall atmosphere, it was difficult for the even most hard bitten to get out of it once the main protagonists showed them their true colours with continuous trips between frantic rock and techno jolts. Double Nelson is a clash of sound and vision; they are puzzling and their music puts a spell on our senses. Even though they weren't unanimously praised by the public, they remain one of the sensations of this year's edition.