"Ferarock" charts
(= 23 french radios), "Top 30 albums" :
- April 07 : n° 8
- May 07 : n°11

+ Found on the web :
>New-York "WNYU" playlist "New Afternoon show" July 9th + "Top 30 albums" July 9th>15th : n°21/30

>New-York "WFMU" playlists July 2nd + 7th
>Brest/F "Frequence Mutine" playlist "Et la tendresse bordel" March 23rd>27th
>Caen/F "666" (seams not really fan)
feralist April 15th : n°103
feralist May 15th : n°94/100
feralist June 15th : n°102/106
>Carcassonne/F "Radio Ballade"
feralist April 16th : n°12/50
"Top 30 albums" April : n°12/30
feralist May 2nd : n°32/50
feralist May 16th : n°37/50
"Top 30 albums" May : n°19/30
feralist June 1st : n°37/50
feralist June 15th : n°41/50
"Top 30 albums" June : n°25/30
feralist June 30th : n°45/50
>Clermont-Ferrand/F "Radio Arverne"
feralist June 1st : n°24/50
>Grenoble/F "Radio Grésivaudan"
feralist April 15th : n°31/50
"Top 30 albums" April : n°16/30
"Top 30 albums" May : n°24/30
>Limoges "Beaub fm"
feralist 15>28/2 : n°36/50
"Top 30 albums" March : n°15/30
feralist March 31st : n°27/50
feralist April 15th : n°17/50
feralist April 30th : n°13/50
feralist May 15th : n°15/50
feralist May 31st : n°11/50
*Playlists "Piknik" : April 16th>20th, May 29th>June 1st, June 27th>29th, Agust 6th>9th
>Lognes/F (Paris) "Vallee fm" : playlists "Jungle Call" April 13th+20th, June 15th
>Lyon/F "Sol fm" : Airplay May n°14/50
>Namur/B "Radio Equinoxe" :
"Rock at the top" July n°41/50
"Rock at the top" September n°30/50
>Nancy/F "Radio Graffiti" : "Top 41" April n° 1 !!
>Nancy/F "Rcn"
"Top 30 albums" January : n°5/30
feralist February 15th : n°16/30
feralist March 15th : n°37/50
feralist April 30th : n°50/70
feralist May 15th : n°28/50
feralist Rcn May 15th : n°18/50
feralist May 31st : n°33/50
feralist Rcn June 1st : n°22/50
>Nantes/F "Jet fm" playlist "Febrile" May 21st ("Phonematique show")
>Paris/F "Alligre fm" playlist "Songs of Praise" March 19th

>Paris/F "Radio Libertaire" playlist "Epsilonia" May 10th + 17th
>Reims/F "Radio Primitive"
"Quotes francais" February n°29/30, March n°18/30, April n°16/30
"De l'Hydromel pour vos Cages a Miel" :
February 19th>March 4th : n°47/50
March 5th>18th : n°39/50
March 19th>April 1st : n°44/50

>Toulouse /F"Fmr" :
Airplay April 15th>30th : n°34/50
Airplay May 1st>15th : n°18/50
Airplay May 15th>31st : n°29/50
Airplay June 1st>15th : n°39/50
>Tours/F "Rfl 101" "Melting songs" February : n°39/60, March n°38/60, April n°53/60

>Tours/F "Radio Beton" : feralist August 1st>15th : n°60/60