8 albums - 1 e.p. - 1 dvd - 30 videos - 2 short films - 17 compilations
700 gigs, more than 2000 petrol stations

Less than Prince but more than the Sex Pistols

disco-core-industrial-groovy music(love scene)
hypnotical-ultrabass-swing-trash (
..suspens ..)
punk'n bass-machine (..no futur?)

Suicide, Sonic Youth, Ali Farka Toure, The Melvins, Kraftwerk, Lightning Bolt, Donna Summer, Snakefinger, Public Image Limited, David Lynch, Sepultura,
Led Zep, Ween, Can, Laibach, Oto, Nirvana, Hazil Adkins, Primus, The Supremes, Beastie Boys, Devo ...o yeah

AND LOADS OF SWEET WORDS : "A wickedly personal lucid plan that is off the rocker and immedately identifiable and that has got some nerve!" .... "An intuitive, coherent, off-beat, out of the ordinary, sometimes brutal haunting, cinematographic society on its own"

¬ leiSUre
> 700 gigs, undoubtedly more than scheduled : England, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain,
Holland, France, Germany, Italy (Sicily/Sardinia), Austria, Czech Republic, Slovaquia, Hungary, Sweden .. never by plane (shit)

¬ disCOgraphy+press/radios (see "production" page)
1 dvd, 8 albums, 1 e.p., compilations .. 124 tracks released ...not enough

¬ vidEOgraphy (details on "store"page)
2 sci-fi and fantasy short films (DN acting and soundtrack) + 30 videos (not enough !)
>to see some videos included the short film "Frutti Chester" : http://fr.youtube.com/doublenelsonmusic

¬ oTHErs
--- CompOSItion Of the sOUNdtraCk for a radiophonic play : ©94 "Criminal Dimension" (Prod. de l'Enclume)
--- RecORding of African bands in Bamako (Mali) : Lobi Traore+Ali Farka Toure (2 albums), Ibrahim Dicko, Djanka Diakite

¬ abOUt the stAge ?

... scratch my back I'll scratch yours (Press/extracts/photos ©02 CPN)
"Live, one is, at first, often disconcerted by the sound which is far different from what you could have expected when listening to the albums. The metallic decoration, the hypnotic loops carpet over which very short tracks carry on in a tight space, or the ceaseless waltz of instruments going from hand to hand are as many reasons for your eyes and ears to stick to what's happening on stage.
A minimal and caustic drumbeat alternates with the calabash ; stangely melodic moments slip between two powerfully electric moments during which two twisted basses and some hellbound machines try
to get in the way of a female vocal forcing its way through.
This band shows such a pleasure in playing its music amidst visual chaos that, little by little, you give yourself up to their loony story with a blissful smile that is responsible for this moronic expression on your face : glad to be surprised, glad to be given a rough ride.
Radically fresh, mighty, and generous, this hybrid and undissociable human pack can't be classified.
Double Nelson has nothing to lose, not even a (respectable) label. Something happened and I want more!!" (Pet in Volapuk # 3)

¬ hOw exhilarating it is nOt to knOw wHere it all tAkes uS...