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DVD ©04
"Double Nelson und Mogalito H. Ramm : the sum of the facts can't outweigh the quantity of the whole".
>>You-Just-Ask :

with 15 videos
made/produced by le groupe and friends
*some videos :

"Le Beau" ©99 > at the garage the goal-keeper is a dog. Weird. (director DN)
"Jour J" ©99 > One could think they make piles. (director DN)
"You know what" ©97 > or the lying potatoes (?) (director DN)
"Babyl One" ©97 > to spend time, it's money. (director M. H. Ramm)
"Edward J. Sutton Davis" ©97 > soft fishes. (director DN)
"The 3rd Fish" ©97 > bad debts make bad friends (director DN and Eric Martina)
"Bivouak" ©96 > peaceful. (director DN)
"Snake" ©92 > breaking the speed limit in space. (director Dylan Pelot)
"DN" ©92 > home deliveries - not really yummy. (director Hanzel et Gretzel)
"Hungry red planet" ©03> let's get drunk and go naked.
(director M.H. Ramm)
"Begon" ©03> with "croissants" and fight (director M.H. Ramm)
"bad game" ©03 > explosions and colours. (director DN)
"U-boot" ©03 > what a hangover! (director DN)
"Extrait du matin" ©92 > Pasc waltzes with my mother.
(directors K. Rebelo and K. M'Sir)
"Nani" ©89 > a chicken formated society. (director V. Hachet)

The trailer of the forthcoming medium-length film,
©05 "Zazen" (35mm)
directed by Mogalito H. Ramm, the countrified friend.
Double Nelson acting (aarrgghh) + soundtrack


a live footage (gig on February 2004)

2 science-fiction
and fantasy
short films (35mm)
directed by
Mogalito H.Ramm



Double Nelson acting + soundtrack


"Frutti Chester" ©94
"How exhilarating it is to discover new worlds, to tread on alien grounds."


"Get ready for Hell" ©97

"It isn't always easy to lose especially when the opponent is not up to it."




_______T-SHIRTS________.. You-Just-Ask :

(men and women)


________ MUSIC ________
into real square sleeves ... AVAILABLE, You-Just-Ask

- "Un sentiment etrange" 8th album ("A strange feeling" ©13 : cd digipack)
- "Pousser la voiture" 7
th album ("To push the car" ©07 : cd digipack) (also available at
- "The so sorry spaceman, the so sick spaceman and the noisy shadow VS. Double Nelson" 6
th album (©03 : cd digipack)
- "Indoor" 5
th album (©99 : cd digipack) (also available at
-"Le grand cornet" ("The big stomach" album U.S. import ©97)

!! God dammit, there are not any left at home but surely somewhere else ( )
"Double Nelson"
(7" U.S import©96),
"Des nouvelles du fond" ("News from the deep" album ©94), "Mange Mange Mange" ("Eat Eat Eat" album ©92),
"Ceux qui l'ont fait" ("Those who have done it" album ©89).