(updated 2019 September)

ON TOUR with Le Singe Blanc ( NOVEMBER 21st>30th
November 21 @ LUZERN/CH "Industriestrasse 9"
November 22 @GENEVE/CH "L'Ecurie"
November 23 @GRENOBLE/F "102"
November 24 @LYON/F "Grrrnd Zero"
November 25 @CLERMONT-FERRAND/F "Raymond Bar"
November 26 @BOURGES/F "Le Nadir"
November 27 @PARIS "Le Cirque Electrique"
November 28 @AMIENS/F "L'Accueil froid"
November 29 @NAMUR/B "Le Belvedere"
November 30 @METZ/F "Les Trinitaires"

December 5 @NANCY/F "Le Royal Royal"
May 8th-9th @BRUSSELS "Magasin4" (tba)

"Naguere les Etoiles"("Star was"), Z category sci-fi theatre play,
@NERAC (F) "Espace d'Albret" 2016, November 10th

>"Making Of" on Arte TV :
(Include in "Making of" to the left of the TV screen)

Live edits from the soundtrack and the film,
wicked special FX, stunts, imbecilic dialogues,
lavish settings, outlandish costumes, accomplished storyline, very dramatic !
*english version at work !